Your Smartphone, Your Speaker

Make your smartphone a network attached speaker with Noise Route.


Are you frustrated by the distance limitations of wired or wireless headphones?

Noise Route employs WiFi technology, surpassing the maximum distance restrictions of both wired and wireless headphones. Experience unparalleled freedom and mobility with Noise Route's extended range, ensuring seamless audio streaming wherever you roam.

Feeling restricted by multiple computers but only one sound system?

Noise Route offers a solution by seamlessly connecting to multiple audio senders simultaneously. Say goodbye to audio playback limitations and enjoy the convenience of accessing all your devices through a single sound system with Noise Route's versatile connectivity options.


Ever wanted to share a video or music with a friend nearby but couldn't play it out loud?

Noise Route alleviates this frustration by connecting to multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to share your favorite content effortlessly. Enjoy shared experiences with friends and family without any audio playback limitations, courtesy of Noise Route's versatile connectivity.

Tired of constantly reconnecting between your computer and your phone?

Noise Route offers a seamless solution by transforming your smartphone into a computer speaker while your earbuds or headphones remain connected to your phone. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between devices and enjoy uninterrupted audio playback with Noise Route's effortless connectivity.


Crafted for Seamless Connectivity

At Noise Route, we prioritize enhancing your digital audio experience. Our focus lies in developing solutions that leverage technology to bridge the gap between devices, fostering innovation, and enriching your sound environment.

Many-to-Many Streaming

Effortlessly stream audio from multiple devices to multiple devices simultaneously, enhancing collaboration and entertainment experiences across all connected devices.

QR Code Integration

Seamlessly add devices to your network by simply scanning a QR code, ensuring swift and hassle-free setup for all your connected devices.

L/R Channel Selection

Tailor your audio experience by individually selecting the left (L) or right (R) channel for specific devices, allowing for precise control and customization of your sound output.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Noise Route seamlessly supports a wide range of operating systems, ensuring compatibility across different platforms for a unified and accessible audio experience.

Volume Control

Tailor your audio experience by adjusting individual volumes for different devices, ensuring optimal sound levels tailored to your preferences and environment.

Make your smartphone a network attached speaker with Noise Route.